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We're all about celebrating, Mom's, Sisters, Girl-friends, Working Mom's, and Life.

One of my favorite things to wear on the week-end or really when I take a break is my favorite Tee.  What I noticed is that people actually read what you're wearing.  Wow, what a game-changer.

You're more courageous than you could ever imagine.  Time to celebrate the small wins.

I lived my life based on default settings, I can remember a friend asking me, what worried and I said to her, the fact that I tend to stay fearful, she asked that I explain what I meant, I gave it a lot of thought and see, well I'm afraid I will not have enough food, what if I lose my job I said.  Her immediate was, what if you don't lose your job and what if you don't run out of food?  Hmm so I started journaling all the things I've done in the last year and woooo, can you see my cape, although I was afraid, I handled the task at hand. That was my inspiration for this Tee, hope it helps you to celebrate the small wins everyday.

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What are you looking for:

another t-shirt or a great designed tee for you

Each Tee is designed from a place of experience and those things that drive us to perfection, those things that remind us how important it is to enjoy life.

better sourced products

Each Tee is created with high quality materials, fabrics that are soft to the skin and durable. Because you're worth it.

someone who just *gets* your style

Each Tee is hand crafted with thought and care.  There lots of different T-shirts on the market, but our goal was simple, Yes we see you!


So the rest of the story, if people actually read and agree, nod or smile at what my Tee says, why could we not use it as a means of communicating with other Women?  We wanted to remind Women that they are smart, brilliant, quirky, beautiful, bold and resilient. 

All we've got to do is get started.

What Makes Us Different

The real question is what makes us the same?  We're all striving for the same thing, not necessarily the same time, but the same thing.  Serving God, being the best version of ourselves, taking care of our families, exceling in our personal lives.  We need to be seen, heard, cared for, and applauded.  We need that Sister-hood, that place that feels like home, when nothing else seems to feel like home.  We need each other.

seriously, this is pretty special

Played it over and over in my head, I imagined it, I could taste it and then I decided it was Time to get to work!

Let's get to work, when I get in my head, I give myself that gentle reminder that life is happening, people are moving around.  Moving and shaking is happening, a nod to get you moving.  Our family of Tees are created with you in mind. 

“I'm SO GRATEFUL I worked with Lita on my new home design. Everything was SO MUCH BETTER than I expected. It was a whoa.”

Chia migas aesthetic pok pok, hot chicken tousled PBR&B hashtag photo booth vaporware hexagon. Four loko fashion axe fam 3 wolf moon. Irony cronut godard twee tilde trust fund pork belly. Tilde twee portland, kinfolk copper mug thundercats truffaut cold-pressed venmo street art godard waistcoat.

— Sarah

So, if you're ready for this thing and this thing... to finally get clarity on this, or to know what it feels like to experience this other thing... 

You Baby, are Bad to the bone, why not make it a great day to consider a Tee's subscription, it's easy to join and easy to cancel.  Created for you with only you in mind, welcome to the family of Tees'd, you are Unstoppable.

then this tee is a great fit for you.

ready to be unstoppable? Ready to get in on the latest news?

Let's Do This.

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