All the Details

My reasons for creating the Tee Society

A place where you can shop for Tee-shirts
Selection is not for the faint of heart.
A collection of Tee's that offer flexible functionality.
Tips to provide in subtle elegance in the way we dress daily.
This place that shifts conventional thought process about Tees.
The focus, shift to stylistic Chic, simple, functional, minimal.
  But we also wanted this place where you can show up in your power, engaged, present, bold, determined, sexy, and persistent.

Coffee, Tea or Wine?

A Tee-shirt membership will not do, when you join the Society, you are the family. A collection created for you and your personality.
You decide, is the Society a Place for you?
Are you ready to try something different?
Are you brave enough to live?



What are you looking for:

another t-shirt or a great designed tee for you

Each Tee is designed from a place of experience and those things that drive us to perfection, those things that remind us how important it is to enjoy life.

better sourced products

Each Tee is created with high quality materials, fabrics that are soft to the skin and durable. Because you're worth it.

someone who just *gets* your style

Each Tee is hand crafted with thought and care.  There lots of different T-shirts on the market, but our goal was simple, Yes we see you!

One would think life it's self would be simple, right? 
But it's not.

Are you in the Right place?
Are you ready to live?
 This is a place where we talk about the stuff that affects us, that we never talk about it. Almost as if we do not talk about it, no one will know. It's about the stuff that hurts your heart, the stuff that makes your face smile, it's the stuff that makes you scream, it's stuff that makes you finally get up dust yourself off put on some lipstick, wipe your face and keep kicking.

All we've got to do is get started.

And yet, it's vital that you understand for these reasons.

This place is not for everyone, is it for you?
We're looking for Women that are ready to live, love and laugh!
The mission from Casual to Chic family of Tees, that allows you to tell your story your way!
The place where we talk about finances, health, mental being, home, our careers how they affect us. We, acknowledge, embrace, move, get momentum, create joy, change the default settings you created for yourself and along the way make some friends. This place where we can stop and have a cup of coffee, tea or wine together!

seriously, this is pretty special

Hi, I'm Shirley, and I'm Obsessed with meeting you and creating this place for you

I'm obsessed with helping you find your voice.
We eat, sleep live to curate our family of Tees for you. We want to help you go from casual to chic with ease while expressing your self. But please understand it's not about the Tees, it's about the community that we've wanted to create for over ten years. It's the final count down to create this place where we can do life together.

“I'm SO GRATEFUL I worked with Lita on my new home design. Everything was SO MUCH BETTER than I expected. It was a whoa.”

Chia migas aesthetic pok pok, hot chicken tousled PBR&B hashtag photo booth vaporware hexagon. Four loko fashion axe fam 3 wolf moon. Irony cronut godard twee tilde trust fund pork belly. Tilde twee portland, kinfolk copper mug thundercats truffaut cold-pressed venmo street art godard waistcoat.

— Sarah

You have to ask yourself, 
Am I built for this? 

Who the Society is for:  looking for Chic, easy to wear clothing for your wardrobe

Who the club is not for, looking for just a cheap Tee to put on

Who the club is for, Tees are a way to express your style

Who the club is for, You want your clothing to express bad ass

Who the club is for, gym attire that screams, yes I’m bold

Who the club is for, someone with courage to let their Tee to speak out loud

The Tee club is not for the faint of heart, it’s for the person that wants to dress unapologetically simplistic Chic!

questions to consider

Is the Society a place for me?

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