My story, I will tell it and then style it my way. I began creating websites before the internet became a virtual place to display websites.  
Sewing articles of clothing using homemade patterns. Discovered lay-away was a tool to help me pay out those things I could not make, like shoes and coats, while expressing myself through fashion. Trendy clothing and one-size-fits-all articles of clothing were dismissed from my wardrobe in my thirties. The search for that perfect pair of jeans, that styled just right Tee, or well-cut black dress paired with my favorite flats stylistically makes my heart sing when I step out of the office, to run errands, or for lunch with friends.

The love of design, passion, and community drive me. A few years ago, I found myself without a job, a setback to my confidence, family, and finances. I could not have worked through it without support from my family, the conversations with girlfriends, Sisters, and lots of prayers. Each person in my life became part of my tribe, woven gently into my story. Framed are the stories on our family of tees creating small glimpses of emotions felt in the last few years as I finally realized it's okay to speak up. We are visible, and chose to be present. Bold, beautiful, confident in our skin. The journey has magnified our need to create a community for other Moms, Sisters,  Working Mom’s  and friends.  A place where we can share ideas, a place we can grow, thrive, be present, empowered, and the home that makes you smile from your inner being.


THE GOAL is simple. To celebrate you, because if it's not done now, then when?

Carefully crafted, designed to encourage, celebrate and uplift each other. We chose to continue to move forward, not looking back, not looking around us, running the race at our own pace while lifting each other towards their destination.
The work at hand is never complete. We get better when you get better.

THE GOAL is very simple.We're here to help you FALL IN LOVE with your OWN HOME


The art of self-expression is a true way to reveal a message through storytelling whether it unfolds by verbal expression, emotional expression or through creative art.
_Cassandra Tindal _ 


i love creating
OBSESSED WITH efficiency
vegas, let's go!
maui best place on earth to chill
love a hot cup of coffee, yes please
own too many pairs of shoes
black is a staple inwardrobe
secretly i love creating tees

It's time to change the default settings

- shirley 

what inspires me



natural elements


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